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Eco Spirit – Fiona Davies

For MAPs Eco Spirit Exhibition Fiona Davies presents: Blood on Silk: Turn to, turn away. This is one of the works produced in the collaboration between the late Dr Peter Domachuk, Dr Lee-Anne Hall and Fiona Davies.  This is/was a collaboration examining the biomedical uses of silk particularly as it relates to blood.

Slung high from the underside of the front terrace  the red and white striped panels partially block the front door; the point of transition  from public to private; a point of vulnerability. Referencing the barber’s pole, formerly the sign  of a surgeon, they  are both ready to dance and  ready  to turn away.

Fiona Davies_Blood on Silk Turn To turn Away action  (10)_small
Fiona Davies, Blood on Silk; Turn, turn away, packaging material and paint, 360 x 300 x 270cm, 2013 (Installation Istanbul)



Eco Spirit Exhibition – 1-5pm 6th April 2014 – Morton House Woodford –  Guest Curation by Jacquelene Drinkall