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Eco Spirit – Paul Greedy and Tom Ellard

Home Clavilux 2013 was conceived as carrying on the work of artist and Theosophist Thomas Wilfred who developed the original Clavilux. The Clavilux was one of many attempts made throughout the 20thC to create an equivalent to a sonic musical instrument. Implicit in the idea is that there is a correspondence between frequencies of sound and of light and that light can be scored according to musical rules. This remains an elusive goal. Our device combines analogue and digital processes. The colour signal starts as a computer generated source. It is processed by analogue reflections and refractions, as was the case in the original instrument. This makes best use of available technologies and is a coherent advance on the original. The user controls the digital light source via an easily learned touch-screen interface. We will be presenting a version of the work for MAP that incorporates a pre-recorded colour signal in place of the user interface

Wilfred designed the Clavilux to fulfil the colour theories of Theosophy, a religious group to which many artists such as Kandinsky, Klee and Schoenberg belonged. Wilfred’s invention was a late manifestation of Theosophical thought, and our machine keeps this idea central. Practically this means a control interface that is easy to use and is designed to present this philosophy – equating certain colours with certain moods and ideals. The particular pallet of colours we’ve selected is drawn directly from the colour theories outlined in Ann Besant’s  ‘Thought Forms’

Paul Greedy and Tom Ellard
‘Home Clavilux 2013’
Wood, metal, perspex, vinyl, silvered mylar, DC electric motors, rear projection screen, data projector, media player, video loop.




Eco Spirit Exhibition – 1-5pm 6th April 2014 – Morton House Woodford –  Guest Curation by Jacquelene Drinkall