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Kia Sulc front

Kia Sulc House – Faulconbridge, Blue Mountains NSW February 2nd 1-5pm only.

Modern Art Projects (MAP) officially launched an open house program on February 2nd between 1-5pm, which explores the curation of contemporary art in unique domestic architecture and gardens. Up to 4 spectacular Blue Mountains residences were opened between February and July 2014, with special thanks to the owners generously opening their private properties and supported by the Blue Mountains City of the Arts Trust Cultural Partnerships Program 2014.

Kia Sulc House c.1960 in Faulconbridge was the first house to be opened. Kia Sulc, a retired local sculptor and ex art master of Springwood High hand built this House on his own. Designed in an organic modernist style, familiar to desert landscaping of the mid century era its rough hewn sandstone, buttress walls, jutting external beams, and many other unique features including spectacular gardens overlooking rocky formations add to its spectacular regional value. Andy MacDonald as owner of the culturally significant building since 1987, has been restoring the building and creating the formal and native grounds alongside other additions. At the MAP Launch – Andy provided fantastic  guided talks about the history of the house and the sympathetic additions of The Studio Cottages.

Guest curator Lizzy Marshall from the Blue Mountains, presented MAP’s first open house exhibition titled Interregnum (meaning period between two governances). Featuring Guest Artists: Leahlani Johnson, Naomi Oliver, Honi Ryan and Nikki Walkerden. These artists also presented their ‘performative practices’ on the day including the first Blue Mountains performance by the The Motel Sisters, (Liam Benson & Naomi Oliver).

A Welcoming to Country ceremony was given by local indigenous artist Graham Davis.

Special thanks to Camille Walsh Photography, Fleur MacDonald and Tom Hungerford for documenting the event.


ART: Interregnum exhibition