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Morton House c. 1979, was the second house featured in the MAP 2014 program. Morton House is also known as ‘Cave House’ was designed and constructed by Deirdre and Ivor Morton, who spent their early childhood in the Walter Burley Griffin estate, Castlecrag. Deirdre is a renowned naturalist and the daughter of Ula Maddocks, a famous figure from Castelcrag’s influential circle of artists, architects and bohemians. Morton House was designed in an organic modernist style, aligned with Griffin’s Chicago Prairie School influences. The house has a wonderful mid century restraint, rough hewn hand made mudbrick walls, famous overhanging Australian native roof garden, inner atrium and many other unique features. It also overlooks a spectacular ravine further attesting to its cultural and environmental significance. Morton House is currently owned by Cristina Ricci & John Porter.