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Interregnum – The Motel Sisters

Collaboration Naomi Oliver & Liam Benson

In their performance for Interregnum, Paris and Tacky Motel will reference the art history of the Blue Mountains, including artists like Kia Sulc and Norman Lindsay. The Motel Sisters are a collaborative multi-faceted duo from Western Sydney  whose  work  engages  with  society,  pop culture and the contemporary art world. Having risen to fame as ‘art scene socialites’, they use their profile to explore the relationship between their suburban roots and their identity as emerging artists. Alongside guerrilla-style public performances, they frequently use social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to perform and exhibit their work.

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Naomi Oliver is a video, sound and performance artist who investigates motifs of psychology, body and environment. Her works  often employ  a  somewhat  psychedelic  dream  logic, and pseudo-scientific/supernatural aesthetic. In 2012, Oliver curated two video art exhibitions at Penrith Regional Gallery & the Lewers Bequest as part of the ‘Screen Room’ program in 2012 – these were ‘Fan Fiction’ and ‘Anonymous World Order’. This same year, she was commissioned to create a three-channel video installation entitled Acting Balanced for the Campbelltown Arts Centre exhibition ‘There’s a Hole in the Sky’, curated by Sydney artist and curator Tom Polo.

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Liam Benson

Liam Benson is a contemporary performance artist who docu- ments and exhibits his work through photography and video. Benson’s work deconstructs the social perceptions of gender, race, cultural and sub-cultural identity by cross-referencing a juxtaposition of popular culture, art and media language. Benson’s work serves to celebrate the evolution of these social archetypes and explore the possibilities within the cross influence of socially entrenched identities and cultural and sub-cultural amalgamation.

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Interregnum: 2 February, 2014 : Kia Sulc Open House, MAP Launch – curated by Lizzy Marshall