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REFLEX COLLABORATION is part of MOUNTAIN TO MOUNTAIN Exhibition exchange between WEST project space in Hazelbrook, Blue Mountains NSW & RAYGUN project space, Toowoomba QLD. This exhibition exchange looks at activities of various art collectives that are situated on the Great Dividing range, on the edge of two of Australia’s largest cities Brisbane and Sydney. This exhibition exchange is about displaying the divergent and eclectic conceptual and visual approaches to art making and presentation within the two communities. Both WEST and RAYGUN are two project spaces that deal in conceptual based painting and object practices, and as such enable artists the freedom to develop new projects that further develop their artistic practices. This is about making a connection between two distinct artistic communities through a shared creative dialogue. Within the REFLEX COLLABORATION, 3 artists will be invited to execute a wall painting (in both Toowoomba and Hazelbrook).

The REFLEX COLLABORATION is also part of the broader international project known as REFLEX, which is undertaken to demonstrate the varied, complex and extremely broad spectrum of divergent phenomena which comes out of painting. REFLEX’s aim is to create dual exhibition sites that display a wide range of national and international artists and their individual painting concerns. REFLEX is solely a wall painting exhibition project; where through the creation of wall paintings, it can lead to an intervention of meaning being established in a site as not a decorative function but as an artistic statement and / or proposition of intention / conceptual statement. REFLEX is run by practicing artists Kyle Jenkins and Tarn McLean whose practices are firmly based within methods of painting that investigate the connections between formal and informal, conceptual and visual methodologies of abstraction. They are not curators, and as such artists are invited on the basis that they are able to execute any work they wish. It is from this direction that the project is inexistence.

The aim of REFLEX is not to display wall painting as decoration but wall painting as expanded painted intent. Due to painting’s expansion and limits, the wall (determined by a buildings architecture) becomes a field of open possibilities (not unlike a blank canvas). However in this field, the laneway, the street, the town, the city, and the meandering passer by all become locked into the subdivisions of colours, geometry and form that at once attempts to exploit the wall (as plane) and also tries and overcome it by expanding on its possibilities into new semi-permanent visual outcomes. This dialogue demonstrates the unity of architecture to wall design (painting) that can be established through each invited artists own personal intentions.


The first REFLEX artist to be shown in WEST project space will be: Daniel Göttin


Daniel Göttin, Beachcomber Wall Work, 2014

Daniel Göttin, Beachcomber Wall Work, 2014


Daniel Göttin’s works are site-related installations and all-over drawings. The real space with its own qualities has a strong influence on his artistic concept and practice; it becomes an integral part of the installation. Artwork and real space appear as transformed entities, both exist simultaneously in time and size. Each new spatial situation provides a new experience of perception. The creative manipulation of simple functional material can translate the act of looking into the art of seeing, transforming the place itself into an experience of perception. Göttin’s practice includes wall drawings and spatial interventions. He is the founder of Hebel, an artist-run exhibition space in Basel (CH) Göttin is well known in Australia through his association with SNO projects , AC4CA, and Conny Dietzschold Gallery. West is proud to present a variant on a work held in private hands that is now residing permanently in Niño Sydney’s Beachcomber House, Faulconbridge NSW.