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Eco Spirit – John A Douglas

For MAP Morton House, Woodford, John A Douglas will be performing a new site specific experimental work inhabiting the vitrine as a parasitic like green creature along with exhibiting an digital collage LED photobox of mould and human tissue.

 1) Location: Vitrine

Title of Work: Incursion #1 (damp), Site specific live performance, 2014.

John A Douglas will inhabit  Morton House as a green figure who slowly negotiates the enclosed space and foliage within the vitrine . Camouflaged amongst the foliage, Douglas will interpret the site as a slow moving growth clinging to the surface of the vitrine. Human dwellings, like the human body, are subjected to incursions of growths, detritus, dirt and decay. Living in the built environment is often an ongoing battle against the incursions that seek to destroy it.

2) Location sauna or bathroom.

Title of Work: Incursion # 1(Firebird Suite), Duraclear, LED backlit acrylic photobox, batteries, timber, 30cm x 30cm x 10cm, 2014.

The work was made in response to the discovery the classical CD collection had become damaged by an accidental spillage of dialysis fluid.  The fluid had soaked into the collection causing the inks to run and forming black moulds on the discs, covers and booklets. The discs had been forgotten and neglected after being digitized so the collection probably suffered from multiple spillages. Life support treatment keeps me alive but sometimes things go wrong causing chaos. Accidents happen and in this instance damaging physical surroundings and creating lower life forms. Mould too, can often infiltrate the human body causing sickness and sometimes death. The memory of this incursion was forever marked onto the printed matter of the symphonic recordings. Incursions are often random, futile and without reason.

JADouglas_Incursion # 1 (Firebird Suite)
John A Douglas, Incursion # 1(Firebird Suite), Detail View, 2014.Courtesy the artist and Chalk Horse.



Eco Spirit Exhibition – 1-5pm 6th April 2014 – Morton House Woodford –  Guest Curation by Jacquelene Drinkall