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GOLD TO SPIN 11 July – 16 August 2015

Gold Monochrome Tarn McLean

Tarn McLean Gold Monochrome 2015

Tarn McLean – Gold Monochrome 2015

The wall work is reference to the monochrome and the idea that geometric abstraction is incorporated into an open ended narrative concerned with the possibilities that exist in the everyday. The work aims to establish that through modernist enquires associated with reductive painting, its autonomous properties provide a framework for the expansion of ‘making’ towards the design of space and architecture. These architectonic enquiries reference contemporary culture and its milieu of unlimited technologies including sculpture, video, fashion and the design of space. Through the transference of conceptual intentions investigated within the traditional frame, the monochrome wall work becomes an extended dialogue, interacting with the gold textile ink work on paper recently on show in the same gallery.

Tarn McLean is a Toowoomba based artist and designer currently undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy in Visual Art at the University of Southern Queensland. McLean’s work spans from a highly disciplined practice embedded in mid 20th Century American Geometric Abstract painting, moving towards the design of space and architecture. Her work moves beyond the confines of the picture frame, occupying an aesthetic space within the disciplines of wall painting, social enquiry, fashion, textile design, video and installation art with links to the tradition of the medium.