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Interregnum Exhibition

Interregnum –  Guest Curation by Lizzy Marshall

1 – 5 pm, 2 February, 2014 Kia Sulc Open House  Modern Art Projects Launch

Featuring Guest Artists: Leahlani Johnson, Naomi Oliver, The Motel Sisters, Honi Ryan and Nikki Walkerden
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Interregnum is inspired by the rapidly changing cultural landscape of the Blue Mountains which is shaped by our artistic community. This exhibition brings together four early career artists, currently residing in the mountains whose practice crosses mediums and disciplines reflective of the flux of contemporary art now. In this post medium context, these artists utilise time as a theme as well as a medium in their individual practices. Their presence demands recognition of the interregnum in which the Blue Mountains arts scene currently resides.

The Blue Mountains is rich with artistic content as a source of inspiration to its large community of artists. Perhaps undeservedly though, this community has an identity problem – a perception of being populated by mainly landscape artists belying the diversity of contemporary arts practice. Whilst we are all aware of established artists living in the mountains who are major exhibitors on the international arts scene (impressively including significant Biennale representatives) these artists have exhibited little if at all in their own community, finding preferred opportunities outside of the mountains. As a consequence, what we find ourselves in – within the context of the Blue Mountains – is an interregnum. We are at a pause between the landscape art tradition and what lies thereafter. Interregnum signals what our expectations could be of the new generation of Blue Mountains artistic practice.

Lizzy Marshall –  is a curator, art educationalist, exhibition manager and writer. Lizzy Marshall is currently the Exhibition Manager for Sculpture at Scenic World. She is the Licence Holder of Pecha-Kucha Nights Blue Mountains. Lizzy lived in Dublin, Ireland for 13 years where she was the Exhibitions Officer for the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland, Education Curator for Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane and Education Officer for the National Gallery of Ireland. She has delivered guest lectures and public programmes in both Ireland and Australia as well as having been published internationally and nationally.

Special thanks to Camille Walsh Photography, Fleur MacDonald, Tom Hungerford and all Guest Artists for documenting the event.