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into ~ COLOUR & LINE – MAY 30 – JULY 5, 2015

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Colour & Lines Dont Lie from Raygun Projects

This exhibition investigates the transformative nature of colour and line as a conceptual investigative tool within various artistic practices. The title of the exhibition ‘Colour and Line are not lies’ focuses on how simplification is not a form of creative rejection but continues to play a vital role in various artists practices as a multidisciplinary approach in creating varied formal and visual languages. The artists invited to participate in this exhibition use simplified means of production, not to reduce the conditions and complexities of perception but to enhance the visual possibilities that come from such working conditions.

Each artist has been invited to submit a single work on paper as a platform that creates a synthesis between two different possibilities: ‘as blueprint / proposition’ and ‘as finished artwork’. This duality of possibilities inherent within a single piece of paper becomes a founding premise that allows the artists involved in the exhibition to use this singular field as either a point of departure for demonstrating visual and conceptual possibilities or as a final destination for the invention of a new visual answer. The works will create evolving possibilities within the exhibition space as they at once embody their own visual answers but also create a dialogue with the other artworks involved.


into ~ Abi Tariq

into /ˈɪntu/, before consonants /ˈɪntə/ preposition

in to; in and to (expressing motion or direction towards the inner part of a place or

thing, and hence entrance or inclusion within limits, or change to new

circumstances, relations, condition, form, etc.).
2. Mathematics being the divisor of: 2 into 10 equals 5.

Colloquial devoted to the use or practice of; having an enthusiasm for.Delbridge, Arthur. “Into.” The Macquarie Dictionary. 3rd ed. 1981. Print.

‘into’ calls attention to a perpetual transitory state that challenges the supposed human need for assurance through invariabilty. It is a philosophical side-step that reveals an ever-recurring event which questions whether the formation of ‘culture’ is inevitibly bound to the repetition of fixed patterns over time or if an unknowing fluidity can serve our psyches’ equally if not more efficiently.


Abi Tariq is a conceptual artist whose primary concern is with alternative modes of communication. Through existential investigations using text, sound, action and manipulation of form he uncovers a consciousness of already embedded, usually overlooked understandings present in our relations. He uses the term ‘organic telepathy’ to describe ‘an understoodness’ nurtured over time through intimacy.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan and based currently in Paris, France he is pursuing a low-residency Master of Fine Arts degree at Transart Institute between Berlin and New York. He is a core member of Pakistani artist troupe ‘TBP’ and works frequently with Paris based collective ‘Lamb Imaginarium’. His initial major displacement to Switzerland in 2007, has since made it imperative for him to create site/culture specific work. At present Abi’s research examines the overlap between mysticism and the absurd.