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“Performance: Wall of a warehouse building on 9th St, San Francisco. Scott stands on a pair of tall ladders and is taped (using 2” masking tape) to the side of wall of a warehouse. She remains there until sunset.1
1Scott, Characters of Motion, 1980, p.10. Scanlines Media Art Archive

Jill Scott
Video documentation
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courtesy the artist

As I balanced on the top of two ladders and leaned against the warehouse wall, two men took ten rolls of two inch masking tape and stuck my body to the wall. The men took away the ladders and I stayed glued to the surface.I talked to the audience below on the street via a hidden microphone from inside the my cocoon. My speech was about the icon of the female body as an image-on-the-wall. At sunset I pushed and tore away from the wall and liberated myself from the cocoon. The outline of the masking tape stayed stuck to the wall there like the tracings of a broken cocoon for many years afterwards” – Jill Scott, 1975



Jill Scott website

Art as a Verb‘, MUMA – Monash University Museum of Art
3 Oct – 16 Dec 2014, curated by Charlotte Day, Francis E. Parker & Patrice Sharkey

Video documentation : Re-performance of Jill Scott’s ‘Taped’ 1975 at MUMA on Saturday 11 October 2014.

Taped‘, 1975, Scanlines Australian Media Art Archive

Taped‘, 1975, Media Art Net

2002  Taped in Coded Characters. Media Art of Jill Scott  Monograph: Hatji Cantz. Stuttgart. Ed. Marille Hahne.

Jill Scott: Australian Video Art Archive

JILL SCOTT: THE BODY REMEMBERS, ACCA – The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
9 November -15 December 1996, Guest curated by Zara Stanhope


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