'Anjum Olmo's art practice focuses on contemporary landscape paintings and printmaking inspired by the sacred country of the traditional owners the Gundungurra and Darug first nation people of the Blue Mountains.

Anjum Olmo’s artistic journey began when she lived in aremote Aboriginal community in Far North Queensland working on the IndigenousEnterprise Partnership program in Cape York. It was on this outback adventurethat she became drawn to indigenous art and culture which has continued to captivateher curiosity ever since.

Her art practice approach is one of expressiveness and playfulnesscombining mark making, patterning and gestural application of colour. Each artwork evolves as avisceral and mindful procedure often driven by intuition and music.

Anjum has a contemporary interpretation of the landscape in the Blue Mountainswhich respectfully acknowledges the traditional owners and is deeply committedon becoming an ally for unity. Anjum is passionate about the arts and communitythe importance of cultural themes of belonging, and empowerment.

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