Helen Poyser's abstract, watercolour on paper works are process driven and utilise a brushstroke-less technique, usually in diptych form, to explore notions of self and the ego in contemporary painting

Using watercolour on paper, Helen Poyser has developed a language devoid of the brushstroke, an artist’s most evident mark. Her work articulates, with its lack of conventional or expected mark-making, the possibilities of complete abstraction in relation to notions of self and the ego in contemporary art. Space is created intuitively within each painting. The picture planes are in constant motion, focusing and refocusing across her compositions with the elemental properties of the pigments providing an organic structure, both implied and improvised.


Helen Poyser was born in London and emigrated to Australia with her family in 1997. She completed a BFA at the National Art School, Sydney in 2006, and has been involved in numerous group, curated and solo exhibitions since. 




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