Regine uses found objects, photographic media, printmaking and installations to respond to her physical, social and political environment.

Regine has two broad approaches to her work. One approach is ‘incidental’, accidental and temporal. She travels frequently to deserts in Australia and internationally where she works with local materials. She uses and explores a wide range of art media, takes photographs of the artworks, then leaves them behind. In this way she contributes to the local context and community.

Her media are often de-constructed timber pallets, rolls of canvas, found plastic bottles, local languages, and the accidental happenstance of the chosen locale. For example, emus wandering into the background of an installation that is being represented through photography, or wild wind changing the form of an installation in the desert.

Her second approach is studio-based. Works with canvas, photographic paper, fabric, wire, plastic rods and metal,constructing installations, collages, and photographic and melded works both manually and digitally. Printmaking and painting also form part of her practice.

Many of these works are tactile and enduring. Overall, she aspires to being versatile in the use of media and communicative in her practice.

Tifinagh Sail
Windows 2
you are standing on aboriginal land

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