Susan Andrews creates painting and sculpture that explores spatial ambiguity.

Susan Andrews lives and works in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains, she is an artist whose painting practice draws upon aspects of geometry, mathematics and the systematic organisation of space. These ongoing interests are visible through her use of materials in developing both two and three-dimensional architectonic shaped works that on first viewing appear awkward or misshapen.  Through juxtaposing different textural paint layered surfaces Andrews explores spatial relationships of colour that often confound the viewer's physical and perceptual visual experience of form and shape. Andrews seeks to question the conventional notions of abstract painting and how our contemporary perceptions and response to the inherent formal language of abstract painting has shifted, allowing for different forms of expression and representation.

Susan Andrews was born in South London and migrated out to Australia with her family in 1966. Andrews studied Fine Art at East Sydney TAFE (now National Art School) before completing a Bachelor of Fine Art and Graduate Diploma in Professional Art Studies at City Art Institute in 1985 (now University of New South Wales Art and Design), and MA Hons at University of Western Sydney Nepean in 1997.

Andrews has exhibited her work for over 20 years and has held numerous exhibition in commercial galleries and artist run-spaces. Her work has also been exhibited in major curatorial exhibitions and art prizes. Andrews is a currently a Lecturer in Painting at the National Art School Sydney.

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