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Claire Healy and Sean Corderio ‘Once A Jolly Swagman’ 2008

MOUNTAIN FOLK – A GEOMETRIC VIEW – is curated by Billy Gruner, and presented by Modern Art Projects (MAP) at Everglades Gallery, Everglades House and Gardens, Leura, Blue Mountains from Feb 7th – March 1st 2015. Opening Feb 7th 2-4pm with live performance by The WOW signal and guest speaker Architect Richard Silink.

Standing proud within its own spectacular setting at Everglades House overlooking the Jamison Valley, The Studio Terrace Gallery was reportedly co-­designed in 1935 by its Belgian owner Henri Van De Velde and renowned Danish gardener Paul Sorensen. Conceived as an ‘outside room’, the functionalist and modernist building with it’s stunning formal gardens, terraces, and original swimming pool encapsulates an essentially minimal or reductive aesthetic. The Studio Terrace is described as significant Cubist design by Colleen Morris, Howard Tanner & Phillip Goad, National Trust Quarterly,  August 2002. For this reason an exhibition looking at the geometric in art, its historical relationship in design, and critical interpretation today as a defining influence on Australian architecture, visual art, and music appears a rational response for the select group of artists invited to celebrate the Studio Terrace’s ongoing cultural value.

The title MOUNTAIN FOLK – A GEOMETRIC VIEW reflects upon two matters. Firstly, artists, designers, architects and so on have long made distinctions concerning their response to the notion of the sublime in making art – seen either in dynamic (natural) or mathematical (plastic/abstract) terms. Secondly, the show reflects upon on the nature of local contemporary art production today and how a unique circle of contemporary artists will responsively engage to the historical with contemporary ideas. Featured Artists Include: Roger Foley-Fogg, The WOW Signal , Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro, Vicky Browne, Locust Jones, Kyle Jenkins, Beata Geyer, Dan Kojta, Billy Gruner, Sarah Keighery, Tanja Bruckner & Nikki Walkerden, and Sarah Breen Lovett.