BLUE TOO MAPBM members' exhibition at WAYOUT 71 Angus Avenue Kandos NSW 2848, 27 February 2021 - 11 April 2021

Blue is the most popular colour in contemporary Western societies, a colour with profound social and cultural associations and symbolism that resonates throughout history, language, religion, gender, science, psychology, fashion and art.   

Blue saturates our vision, our language and our minds, representing myriads of concepts, emotions and ideas. Its rich history and cultural significance manifests in our everyday lives, in our social codes and our sensibilities.   

The exhibition BLUE TOO presents the works of MAPBM artists exploring the notions of blue through a variety of media -painting, drawing, video, photography, sculpture, installation art and performance art.   

Exhibiting artists are: 

Susan Andrews, M Bozzec, Sarah Breen Lovett, Cinzia Cremona, Beata Geyer, Lynn Godfree, Anne Graham, Yvette Hamilton, Tom Isaacs, Kenneth Lambert, Tom Loveday, Fleur MacDonald, Ro Murray and Mandy Burgess, Naomi Oliver, Katya Petetskaya, Janet Reinhardt, Alan Schacher, Ebony Secombe, Regine Wagner, Rebecca Waterstone, and Miriam Williamson and Brad Allen-Waters 

Curated by Beata Geyer  

Image: TOM ISAACS, Pietà, 2020 Installation view Blue Mountains Cultural Centre. Photo: Silversalt Photography

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