rest/less – A MAPBM Video Screening

rest/less, MAPBM’s first video screening, was shown on Wednesday 23 June 2021 at Mt Vic Flicks, Mt Victoria.

rest/less is a 30-minute selection of video artworks created by MAPBM member artists (and collaborators), inspired by themes related to energy and rest. The event included artist talks and a Q&A.

Participating artists:

• Cinzia Cremona

• Kenneth Lambert

• Tom Loveday

• Peachy & Mosig

• Sean O'Keeffe

• Naomi Oliver and Ingrid Stiertzel

• Alan Schacher with Sean Bacon and Michelle Mahrer

• Rebecca Waterstone

This screening was generously supported by Mount Vic Flicks cinema.

Image: Peachey and Mosig, The Sky Has Already Fallen

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