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Peter Holme Unfolded Painting 2015. Photo Erling Lykke Jeppesen

Wall work and objekt from Unfolded Painting-series by Peter Holm (DK)


The wall work Holm will present at WEST is based on a reference to his early series of paintings titled SUNUPS and the new works UNFOLDED PAINTING. It is a simple painterly gesture of a colour range that slides and unfolds. Holm will work in a site specific manner with WEST project Space  working from scratch and some sketched ideas. Holm’s  work through the past 20 years evolves around solutions on painterly problems and possible solutions, utilizing  anything from personal reflections to picks from architecture, design and (art)-history.
There may be an object attached.

Peter Holm’s work is about an advancing of painting, sculpture and installation at once. It is dedicated to artistic development through being both historically informed and contemporaneously critical. He describes the reductive pieces (paintings, chairs, car doors, etc) as objects sensitive to colour and atmosphere. These painted objects are constructed via a precise intent and the ‘atmosphere’ of the work provides the crucial art-critical reading.
However, as his is an oeuvre further characterised by its special nature or, expression of the whimsical, the ideas of the work are formulated along the way and revised accordingly.

Peter Holm is a renowned contemporary Danish Artist who has been showing in Australia for around 20 years. He first came as guests of CBD gallery in Sydney but soon found friends in various spaces including MOP and SNO. As part of his 2015 Australian tour he will bow showing at affiliated space RAYGUN in Toowoomba, MOP in Sydney, and also as guest International Studio Artist at WEST in the Blue Mountains.
In his residency he will produce a rare wall work design and make an objectwork.
Peter runs a project space in Copenhagen with is partner and also renown artist Karin Lind.
These artists have likewise shown many Australian artists who have enjoyed that benefit immensely