The Kiosk 3x6 Project


October 2017 - January 2018

The Kiosk 3x6 Project

In October 2017 Modern Art Projects Blue Mountains combined with Toolo, Blue Mountains Tool Library to launch a major funded arts initiative at Katoomba Falls Kiosk, a heritage listed 1920s building overlookig the Blue Mountains escarpment. Blue Mountains City Council supported the project through a short-term lease of the building at a reduced rate.

The Kiosk 3x6 Project, which was supported by Create NSW funding, involved a series of three intensive curatorial residencies over the last four months of the Kiosk’s lease. Each residency was led by an artist-curator who worked closely with five other artists to develop complex multi-layered exhibitions, turning the Kiosk from studios into exhibition spaces, each over a period of only six weeks.

The project was a great success, providing professional support and exhibition experience for the three artist-curators as well as exhibition opportunities for 15 artists. The three exhibitions were visited by hundreds of people from the Blue Mountains, Sydney, and beyond and also demonstrated the viability of the approach used in the project for re-activitating unused buildings and venues on a short-term basis.

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