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December 2018 - Ongoing

Members' shows

Imperceptible resistances, curated by Lizzy Marshall, featured the work of 17 MAPBM artists - Vivienne Dadour, Frank Davey and Tess Rappa, Fiona Davies, Beata Geyer, Anne Graham, Danica Knezevic, Tom Loveday, Fleur MacDonald, Peachey & Mosig, Sean O'Keeffe, Naomi Oliver, Ebony Secombe, Rebecca Waterstone and Gianni Wise. The exhibition focused on the subversive layers of resilience in human beings, under the pressure of the imperceptible compromises of today’s networked society.

“The MAPBM artists respond to the site and wider theoretical concerns to explore their role in networked systems where they effect change through resistance.”

Imperceptible Resistances

Fleur Macdonald

Naomi Oliver

Fiona Davies

Beata Geyer

Rebecca Waterstone

Tom Loveday

Naomi Oliver

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