modern art projects


Kayo Yokoyama, Dappled with Light, 2014, image by Jacqueline Spedding



REFLEX SHADOW SCREEN will be showing at WEST project space from 18th April – 24th May, each Sat/Sun 11-4 @ 38 Railway Pde Hazelbrook.

‘Wall Painting #380 (Lies, Lies, All Lies)’ 2015
This work has been executed in many different configurations. The wall painting is not an absolute answer to a problem but rather a transitional re questioning of what is there, what is seen and what it could be. Every work is somewhat a failure that’s why another and another gets made. Work courtesy of Minus Space, NY

SHADOW WEAVE 2 – Jacqueline Spedding, Kayo Yokoyama, Ona Janzen & Sarah Breen Lovett.
Shadow Weave 2 is a multi-dimensional phenomenon, eliciting various, distinct and interwoven experiences, where each artist draws new dimensions from the shadows specific to their own practice. An installation of sculptural objects, paper cuts, projections and photographs, the exhibition is immersive and experimental and explores the intersection between transient new media and tangible art forms. In a previous iteration Shadow Weave was exhibited at the Western Plains Regional Gallery in 2014.

HOME SCREEN/SCREEN HOME – David Brazil, EST ET NON, Greg Shapley, John Prendergast, Systaime
The works presented here exist for the screen and are created on and by it. The original idea and impetus was seeing works that come up on Facebook feeds. This makes a digital gallery streaming into homes, it’s immediate and it doesn’t matter where you are geographically. Between Facebook and channels like Youtube and Vimeo we all get to experience a treasure trove of art in the comfort of our own home!!